In our workshop we can manufacture many products used in the paper, pulp and other industries. It could for example be stretchers, guides and edge trims, etc. Our experienced workshop personnel master  both machine refurbishment to reconstruction and remanufacturing of machinery.

All according to customer's needs!

Equipment & Capacity

- Sheet metal and welding shop, processing shop and assembly shop
- Processing Workshop with 4 overhead cranes with capacitie up to 8 tons / each.
- Machining in different materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, etc.
- Bed milling about 4 meters
- Two boring machines
- A CNC lathe
- Six center lathes
- Two radial drilling machines

- Assembly Shop with two overhead cranes with capacity up to 6 tons / each
- Large storage facilities

- Weld Shop with two overhead cranes with capacities up to 5 tons / each
- Four welding stations
- Automatic blaster

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